FLIPPERS lightweight short training fins provide high agility and allow you to develop enough power to effectively train your leg muscles. These short flippers for use in the pool help you practice freestyle, backstroke and training the wave motions in the breaststroke and butterfly. FLIPPERS fins have a closed heel and firmly hold your foot, do not chafe, and can be worn barefoot. Their ergonomic design allows you to comfortably position your feet, preventing muscle strain. Silicone flippers do not cause any allergic reactions, do not absorb any odors, and are resistant to chlorine and ultraviolet rays. Silicone flippers are more flexible and softer than rubber ones, they don’t chafe and don’t overstrain joints. The lightness and compactness of the fins allows you to take them with you both to daily trainings and on trips to sports camps.

  • Made of 100% silicone – this material ensures matchless comfort and softness, and the most convenient fit;
  • Designed for professional swimmers – these fins will help you build leg strength and stamina while focusing on your swimming technique;
  • Power, speed and technique – these fins will help improve your technique, maximize your kick power and boost your speed in the water;
  • Ergonomic shape and blade angle – ensure most accurate and natural kick execution;
  • Soft foot pocket with closed heel design – provides reliable and stable fit.


silicone 100%