Rival Ladies Trisuit


Women’s racing suit Rival LDSD STY Lady is suitable for running, cycling, and triathlon competitions. The suit is made from ultra-lightweight, quick-drying, and breathable material that provides freedom of movement and thermal regulation while swimming, running and cycling. The fabric has a high level of UV protection (UPF 50+) to effectively reduce the sun’s impact on your skin.

The front zipper allows you to easily put on and take off the suit. Mesh inserts on the back and under the arms provide thermal regulation and moisture-wicking, allowing the skin to breathe and maintaining a comfortable microclimate. The silicone-lined elastic band on the lower part of the legs and sleeves prevents slipping and gives you an ideal fit. Flat pockets are located on the back for storing energy gels to keep you fueled during intense training.

The comfortable and absorbent cycling diaper in the suit is designed for comfort during cycling and running stages. It minimizes discomfort and friction that can happen during intense training and competitions.

Size Guide



hip girth84-88
waist girth60-64
chest girth80-84
body length141-147


hip girth88-92
waist girth64-68
chest girth84-88
body length147-153


hip girth92-96
waist girth68-72
chest girth88-92
body length153-159


hip girth96-100
waist girth72-76
chest girth92-96
body length159-165


hip girth100-104
waist girth76-80
chest girth96-100
body length165-171
  • For competitions – trisuit is suitable for middle and long-distance competitions;
  • AeroMAX aerodynamic sleeves – special ribbed fabric on the sleeves reduces air resistance, improving aerodynamic performance;
  • Breathable fabric – mesh inserts on the back and underarms provide thermoregulation, ventilation, and moisture wicking;
  • Anti-slip elastic on legs and arms – anti-slip rubber with a silicone layer on the lower part of the legs and sleeves prevents slipping and chafing of the suit;
  • Nutrition pockets – flat sewn-in pockets for storing nutrition gels snugly adhere to the suit;
  • Hygroscopic diaper – dries quickly, has an antibacterial coating, and does not hinder during running;
  • UPF 50+ protection – UPF 50+ fabric effectively reduces the impact of sunlight on the skin.