Stroke Trainer

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Trainer to help improve crawl technique on the chest and back. Creates the proper technique for carrying the hand over the water. If the technique is not correct, the paddle will fall off the arm. Useful for beginners and experienced swimmers alike. Trainer improves the efficiency of your stroke and the position of your arm above the water by developing the skill of holding the wrist, elbow, and shoulder in an optimal way. The unique design forces the swimmer to focus on executing the movements correctly, because when you swim with the trainer you have to hold your wrist and forearm in a certain way, which forms the optimal motor skill and muscle memory. The trainer has two closed circuits, one worn on the forearm, the second on the fingers.
Size S – 28 cm from the bend of the elbow to the first finger;
Size L – 34 cm from the bend of the elbow to the first finger.


polypropylene, tpe